how much does it cost to ship furniture?

A lot of people asked me this question, so i decided to write this answer down. Furniture shipping cost depends on how long the distance is, how much furniture you need to move and how fast you need it. While moving companies usually don’t charge more than few hundred bucks for moving from one house to another in the same city, prices are much higher when you plan on moving to different state or even country. Prices are higher because you’ll need two people driving for hours to reach the destination. The end cost also depends on weight and amount of furniture, because if it’s a lot, you’ll need more than 2 people to help you with loading everything. And if you don’t hire more than two, it’s going to take them more time, and you are charged by hours, so it doesn’t really help you save money. Except for moving itself, you also need good packaging to protect your items and avoid any damages during the loading or transporting process. For example, if you have things made of glass or fiberglass, it’s a good idea to cushion it well to make sure it gets delivered without any hassle.

Now here’s my opinion – you don’t need to move everything to your new location. You should settle for essential products, and preferably the items that are small. For example, if you have an big old table that you have bought 5-10 years ago, it doesn’t really make sense to take it with you, because cost of moving will be higher than what table is worth itself. Of course, it’s different for items that have emotional values. Long story short, you should double check everything, and minimize your baggage as much as possible. If you need tools for renovating your furniture, you can search Amazon for saws and other accessories. Personally, i prefer reading mini circular saw reviews first, before doing anything else. Those little tools are very efficient and amazingly durable, i’ve had mine for like two years now.

I hope you get what i was trying to say, and let’s move to another subject, that might save you lots of money on moving services.jhnb

I’m talking peer-to-peer shipping apps and services. For example, if you live in California and want to move to Washington, Seattle, you can put down these two locations on their website, and they’ll find someone who is going that way and is willing to take your furniture/other stuff with them. Of course, it’s not free, you’ll pay depending on size and weight, but most of the times, it’s much better option to save some money. Except for furniture, you can also move pets and lots of other items like guitars or even a book.


Listening to Music while Reading

While examining a book or a novel, I really don’t pay attention to music. Typically once a book is read by me, I become ignorant to my environments along with the functions. Until my name is known as occasionally I donot possibly respond. I-donot understand what singer or lyrics are getting on till my story closes, when music is on. Occasionally I am distracted by it in the reading. While doing it therefore, I usually do not listen to music. A number of people like while reading novels or textbooks, playing music. But thats not me.

Individuals are indicating you mustn’t, material and concentration, but we’re all various and no showing how it will influence you particularly.
I for starters pay attention to audio all day. From after I can get on the practice to 8 once I get home 8 a.m., my iPod is on and playing. I work with wording, I’m a translator of Language to Portuguese and often tune in to audio largely in some in Portuguese English and some Japanese.
I’ve to say it doesn’t disturb me. On the other hand, I am shielded by it from your irritating environment sounds, like people speaking, vehicles on the block, etc. But I have to acknowledge I really donot really pay attention to everything enough time. It is there, but I – can sometimes get trough half an hour or more and not be able to state what tracks played. I must possibly say I’m a mix individual, so I don’t understand what ‘s playing when.
Same goes for reading, I study on a regular basis ICAN having lunchtime, walking, in the gym… But I think it is more straightforward to read with my background noise of audio than with music I-don’t understand, TV, people discussing, the train sound…
The exclusion being when I am studying English and the music is in Portuguese I will be distracted by it and viceversa. Same terminology generally goes wonderful.
It does happen, nevertheless, a music I particularly like starts playing and gets my attention I cease reading completely and to hear appreciate, usually I risk creating a soundtrack that is reverse. Occurred in my experience I was in the home on holidays and so I’d commit all day every day reading and hearing exactly the same record again and again while reading. Additionally, it happens I Would burn incense in my space in the same occasion (but the guide did necessitate that, it had been in regards to the state of incense). Easily tune in to any melody from that cd I recall the aroma of incense as well as that book and the ones warm days of no issues aside from remainder a study till today.

why is furniture so expensive

There are lots of different kinds of furniture, ranging from dirt cheap like simple chairs to luxurious sofas and beds. At the first glance, these sofas might seem expensive and even overpriced, but if you look deeply, you’ll find out that making furniture has never been cheaper. IKEA and other great companies made it possible for middle class people to own luxurious furniture, which is not something that should be taken for granted. Dozens of years ago, sofas and beds weren’t nearly as comfortable and affordable as they are now. Outsourcing, advanced manufacturing and scientific advancements made it possible for us to have great pieces of furniture for considerable price. And we only buy furniture once or twice in years, so spending couple of hundred dollars on high quality furniture is not a bad investment, but buying cheap, crappy furniture that dissolves within weeks definitely is. 

Decorative and fashion furniture are whole different thing. For those, you must remember that pay for wonderful design and high quality fabrics. High end furniture is not created for middle class families, at least those who try to save money on products. But some people don’t mind going extra mile and getting furniture that will make their home look the best. There are various designers who specialize in such things, and they can be found on yelp or simply by googling. But let’s get back to the question, why is furniture expensive?

  1. Labor costs – you might not realize how much work goes into making each one of these things. Machines are efficient, but there is still a lot of manpower involved. So to make up for the wages those people need, you have to pay higher price.
  2. Materials are also expensive – Buying high quality wood that would resist and stay firm for few years is expensive. Especially with increasing demand on wood – prices are also going up. There are also other materials such as leather and  cushions, but wood is obviously the most expensive.
  3. It takes a lot of space and is hard to ship. Furniture is heavy, which means that it needs movers and big truck to be shipped. Which is additional cost. Even if the store offers free or cheap shipping like IKEA does, the cost is included in product’s price itself.

These are some of the few reasons behind furniture’s high price. Even though i think that it’s not that expensive, especially compared to what it was before.

And yeah, i forgot – except for work and talent, Furniture takes lots of tools, expensive mach
ines and lots of space to be made. There are all sorts of different saws that you need in order to make decent piece of furniture. For example, you need to have best worm drive saw, table saw and lots of other tools that you probably haven’t even heard of. So that’s it, i think you realize now that making furniture is not as easy as it seems. 🙂

Where can one buy hotel furniture?

With the continuous proliferation of specialist hotel chains like Radisson’s Blu Hyatt’s Andaz and InterContinental’s Indigo, anything unusual has had place in the thoughts of several people: furniture envy. Thanks to their parent corporations, many boutique concepts’ strong pockets present retro-mod rooms done up by designers that are leading. But what if you slide with Nelson platform counter or that Eames chair in love? It’s not forsale, sorry Charlie.
Except, obviously, you are already staying at one of Starwood’s Aloft qualities.
Because of a current partnership between Aloft guardian Starwood Hotels and home-furnishings store Style Attainable, if your guest definitely digs an item he considers down inside the lounge—say, that funky satellite hanging or a Verner Panton Chair—he can soon notice it, and lay on it, in his den at home. The hotel model is along the way of fitting out 20 locations having a selection of investment items from Layout Attainable, the merchant that sells highquality reproductions of famous furniture.
“Aloft is transforming the inn landscape from being solely functional to being stylish and functional, and our collaboration with Layout Attainable allows us to further change our style and what we’re offering to visitors,” stated Aloft’s global marketing vp, Paige Francis. The partnership is actually a marketing raise for both brands: Aloft benefits from the shop for wealthy hipsters, while DWR is currently getting a new stream of potential customers’ imprimatur.
Not that it’s all-so nice and easy, of course. A boutique hotel naturally can’t risk driving the great cats away by hanging a “For Sale” sign up the back of an Eames chair. That’s why, the following month come, DWR catalogs begins showing in the visitor rooms—an express although simple memory the swish furniture downstairs can be purchased. Aloft will also deploy its social networking systems to raise awareness of the alliance, including establishing a match to earn a $10, 000 house makeover from DWR.
Nikoleta Panteva, senior specialist for IBISWorld, said that Aloft is merely after the greater development of high-end hotels virtually marketing pieces of themselves (to guests—just not through anything as gauche being a gift shop). “It allows customers to take a little the motel experience house with them,” Panteva said, adding that the Aloft/DWR package is practical because “they’re targeting precisely the same kind of customer anyway, and it’s a great opportunity for the visitor to see Layout At Your Fingertips furniture in real world use.”
Filled with real-world prices, too. That slick, sixty-inch Nelson Platform Seat from Herman Miller can set a cool $899.00 is backed by you. Luckily, last we tested, lounging round the hotel lobby will stay free.

How i operate my own radio station on Internet


What started as a hobby as an amateur DJ on my own Internet radio station on has grown over the two years I have had the station. The growth has occurred both in responsibility and time spent on my hobby.

If you are considering an Internet radio station there are so many places where you could start. Live365 states that it is the largest Internet Radio provider. To broadcast rates start at $9.95/month for a smaller station and can go as high as $99/month or more if you are a “pro”. To obtain a listening package where you have better quality that costs $7.95 per month. You get several reports that show you peak numbers, where listeners are from (what country) and many other reports that can be useful.

The equipment, microphone, console, headphones cost around $300 about two years ago. Live365 provides for free to those who are broadcasting many tools (software) programs to get started. Internet radio equipment can be very expensive. I bought the “beginners” model from BSW and it has worked out just fine.

I decided on my focus or music genre (what my station was going to be) and decided on independent artists coupled with some mainstream artists. My station offers a mix of folk, soft rock, adult contemporary, classical, jazz and many other genres. What I personally like about “my station” is that it is not so focused on just one genre. Too many AM/FM stations are focused on one genre and to me I find myself skipping around on the AM/FM dial and normally don’t stay on one station.

There is a wealth of independent artists that are seeking “airtime”. Live365 does have its own music library. is a great source for up and coming artists in all genres. is a “neat” place in that you can review and score the artist’s work if you so desire.

Some of the artists that I like from are Sue Merchant (folk) and Hamilton Cleverdon (classical composer). Both are very talented and I try to include their music in the playlists. Vince Falzone is more a rocker, and very talented. Vince heard my station on live365 and sent me some of his work. As a DJ you will get many requests from musical artists. Some may be appropriate for your station and others you may want to pass. Smaller record companies like Lado and Aardvark are two publishers that send me their artists work. Some of the small record companies may send several artists for you to use on your playlist.

One aspect that I like about Live365 is that listener gets to rate the song. You get to see how your listeners like the music and it will give you an good indication on a monthly, weekly or daily basis if you need to update your playlist.

A downside to internet radio (music stations) is the current battles over royalties with SoundExchange and the Recording Industry (bigger publishers). In your monthly payments for you station all agreed upon charges to play an artist’s music are included in that rate. That is only fair. What is unfair is that the SoundExhange wants to increase these rates where it may not be profitable for small broadcaster, like me, to stay in business. As a side note, there is legislation where AM/FM may be charged royalties. If that occurs some music radio stations may have to have less music and more advertisements.

If you like to listen to music in your car, you’ll need best double din head unit you can get, check CarPartsJudge for rest of the info.

I am very pro musician/artist. Artists invest money in their work, both time wise and in many cases instrumentation, recording costs etc. That is one reason why I chose Live365 as I was told they pay all dues and royalties.

The request from the Recording Industry Association and Sound exchange, to me, does not assure the artist is going to receive the “increase”. Second, like me, Internet broadcasters are hobbyists and are trying to promote artists and their works.

If you decide you want an Internet radio talk show, Live365 offers that service as well. So do many other services, one that I like is, This looks like a good service to “start out” with a talk show.

There are many other Internet radio programs out there for you to investigate, or simple software programs like Pirate Radio are options. Why I like live365 vs. Pirate Radio is that all royalties are covered in your monthly expense. Pirate Radio is less expensive to start, but in the long term could cost you more. Pandora is a good option, but limited if you want to play more indie/independent artists. There are so many other services available as well if you complete a search engine on Starting an Internet Radio station. You can spend very little or there are services like Modavox for the more advanced and are more expensive.

I have seen several shows fail. The person does not have clear direction on why they want a radio program. Some may think it is easy work. It can be very enjoyable, but at times, very time consuming. In my case I listen to all music that is submitted to me before I include it on my playlist. I have certain types of music or lyrics I will not play (specifically graphic or violent)or music that is, in my opinion, that is just doesn’t sound good. Maybe the pitch is off or the singer is off key.

Publicity (marketing) is a huge component of success of a station. I have not publicized my station. As soon as I started my station, within a few months, the issue with Soundexhange and the Recording Industry, issue arose. I thought I will just wait for a few months to see when the issue will be resolved. Two years later, I am still waiting. I do have listeners, but not as many as I could or should. I am not going to publicize a station that could go out of business. So it has been by word of mouth and listing my station on a few blogs or whatever.

So there are many considerations in starting an Internet station. Where, what provider? Why am I doing this? Can I afford it? Marketing? Keeping your costs down. Competition needs to be researched. For instance if you are going to be a “pop” or “rock” station, you will have major competition. Do I have the time to devote to keeping my station interesting and alive? How will I get the music to play on my station? Will you pay for your music downloads? (That can cost money). I use services that charge a yearly fee or get permission from artists to play their music. Will I go with a compressive service like Live365 that pays all your fees/dues or do you want to be “own your own” and pay the fees based on your station size and listernship?

Even though you may like your station, others, may not. For instance I have had some listeners say, “you station is too diverse in the music genres” for me to listen. I like artist XXX but not artist BBB. Artist XXX may be one of your favorites, but your listeners may not like them. Listeners are what counts.

I do like my hobby. There are many talented musicians/artists who really deserve a chance. If you are thinking of developing an Internet Radio music program, don’t leave that talent out.


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