why is furniture so expensive

There are lots of different kinds of furniture, ranging from dirt cheap like simple chairs to luxurious sofas and beds. At the first glance, these sofas might seem expensive and even overpriced, but if you look deeply, you’ll find out that making furniture has never been cheaper. IKEA and other great companies made it possible for middle class people to own luxurious furniture, which is not something that should be taken for granted. Dozens of years ago, sofas and beds weren’t nearly as comfortable and affordable as they are now. Outsourcing, advanced manufacturing and scientific advancements made it possible for us to have great pieces of furniture for considerable price. And we only buy furniture once or twice in years, so spending couple of hundred dollars on high quality furniture is not a bad investment, but buying cheap, crappy furniture that dissolves within weeks definitely is. 

Decorative and fashion furniture are whole different thing. For those, you must remember that pay for wonderful design and high quality fabrics. High end furniture is not created for middle class families, at least those who try to save money on products. But some people don’t mind going extra mile and getting furniture that will make their home look the best. There are various designers who specialize in such things, and they can be found on yelp or simply by googling. But let’s get back to the question, why is furniture expensive?

  1. Labor costs – you might not realize how much work goes into making each one of these things. Machines are efficient, but there is still a lot of manpower involved. So to make up for the wages those people need, you have to pay higher price.
  2. Materials are also expensive – Buying high quality wood that would resist and stay firm for few years is expensive. Especially with increasing demand on wood – prices are also going up. There are also other materials such as leather and  cushions, but wood is obviously the most expensive.
  3. It takes a lot of space and is hard to ship. Furniture is heavy, which means that it needs movers and big truck to be shipped. Which is additional cost. Even if the store offers free or cheap shipping like IKEA does, the cost is included in product’s price itself.

These are some of the few reasons behind furniture’s high price. Even though i think that it’s not that expensive, especially compared to what it was before.

And yeah, i forgot – except for work and talent, Furniture takes lots of tools, expensive mach
ines and lots of space to be made. There are all sorts of different saws that you need in order to make decent piece of furniture. For example, you need to have best worm drive saw, table saw and lots of other tools that you probably haven’t even heard of. So that’s it, i think you realize now that making furniture is not as easy as it seems. 🙂

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