how much does it cost to ship furniture?

A lot of people asked me this question, so i decided to write this answer down. Furniture shipping cost depends on how long the distance is, how much furniture you need to move and how fast you need it. While moving companies usually don’t charge more than few hundred bucks for moving from one house to another in the same city, prices are much higher when you plan on moving to different state or even country. Prices are higher because you’ll need two people driving for hours to reach the destination. The end cost also depends on weight and amount of furniture, because if it’s a lot, you’ll need more than 2 people to help you with loading everything. And if you don’t hire more than two, it’s going to take them more time, and you are charged by hours, so it doesn’t really help you save money. Except for moving itself, you also need good packaging to protect your items and avoid any damages during the loading or transporting process. For example, if you have things made of glass or fiberglass, it’s a good idea to cushion it well to make sure it gets delivered without any hassle.

Now here’s my opinion – you don’t need to move everything to your new location. You should settle for essential products, and preferably the items that are small. For example, if you have an big old table that you have bought 5-10 years ago, it doesn’t really make sense to take it with you, because cost of moving will be higher than what table is worth itself. Of course, it’s different for items that have emotional values. Long story short, you should double check everything, and minimize your baggage as much as possible. If you need tools for renovating your furniture, you can search Amazon for saws and other accessories. Personally, i prefer reading mini circular saw reviews first, before doing anything else. Those little tools are very efficient and amazingly durable, i’ve had mine for like two years now.

I hope you get what i was trying to say, and let’s move to another subject, that might save you lots of money on moving services.jhnb

I’m talking peer-to-peer shipping apps and services. For example, if you live in California and want to move to Washington, Seattle, you can put down these two locations on their website, and they’ll find someone who is going that way and is willing to take your furniture/other stuff with them. Of course, it’s not free, you’ll pay depending on size and weight, but most of the times, it’s much better option to save some money. Except for furniture, you can also move pets and lots of other items like guitars or even a book.


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